Global Plastics produces high quality plastic box liners for dump trucks, dump trailers and many other applications.  Global Plastics, a division of Polymer Industries, has been producing plastic liners since 2005, while Polymer Industries has been manufacturing plastic for close to thirty years.  Our long successful history is driven by loyal customers who have come to expect the highest quality of service and products in the industry.  Global Plastics custom fabricates each liner to your specifications.

Global Plastics fabricates each plastic liner per your Heavy Duty dump Truck linerHeavy Duty dump Truck linerspecifications using our manufacturing process modeled after the ISO9001:2000 quality management system.  We produce plastic liners for dump trucks, dump trailers, roll off trucks, garbage trucks, container trucks and many other commercial applications.  Unique to our liners, we manufacture the widest plastic sheets in the industry resulting in dump truck liners containing fewer seams than our competition, thereby eliminating potential weak spots.







Applications for custom fabricated solutions:

  • Dump truck liners
  • Dump Trailer LinersDump Trailer Liners
  • Dump trailer liners
  • Off-road dump truck liners
  • Side dump trailer liners
  • Forage Wagon liners
  • Forage Box liners
  • Manure Spreader liners
  • Snow Plows plastic protection covers
  • Overhead bin liners
  • Gravity Box liners
  • Sand Spreader liners
  • Lime Tender liners
  • Hopper Liners
  • Sand Hopper liners
  • Roll-off Truck liners