Competitive Differentiators

Competitive Differentiators of our Dump Truck Liners

Stronger Dump Truck Liners
With the addition of our new UHMW (UHMW liners) polyethylene press we offer the largest size plastic sheet available in the world at 8’x20′.  Utilizing the largest butt welder in the world, we are able to weld liners up to 16’ wide which means fewer seams in our dump truck liners than any of our competitors, eliminating potential weak spots of your dump truck liner.

Cost Savings
Global Plastics has a complete turn-key operation, due to our partnership with Polymer Industries, the polyolefin manufacturer, which allows us to purchase raw materials at the most inexpensive levels in the industry, and therefore pass on those cost savings to our customers – a strategic advantage over our competition.

Turn Key Operation
Global Plastics controls the entire manufacturing life cycle of your dump truck liner.  We are only company that owns the manufacturing process from beginning to end, a true turn-key operation.  Most companies buy their plastic sheets from a third party, thereby subjecting their clients to higher costs and less quality control.  Global Plastics is a division of Polymer Industries, who has been manufacturing plastic sheets in the United States of America for thirty years at our 200,000 square foot facility in Northeast Alabama.  This is an enormous competitive advantage over other liner manufacturers, as we are able to ensure quality standards from inception to the end product, and pass on cost savings to our customers.

Quality Standards
“Geared Towards Excellence” – the foundation of our values at Global Plastics is based on this motto; our employees, equipment and distributors live by it – and it continues to enable our success.
Global Plastics, via our partnership with Polymer Industries, utilizes the finest resins and additives in the manufacturing process, and our quality management system, modeled after ISO 9000:2001 ensures our customers of a quality dump box liner.  Global Plastics micromanages the manufacturing life cycle of your dump box liner from beginning to end, a true turn-key operation.  As a result, we are the only dump truck liner manufacturer that can truly stand behind the quality standards of your plastic dump box liner system.

Global Plastics produces high quality plastic box liners for dump trucks, dump trailers and many other applications.  Global Plastics, a division of Polymer Industries, has been producing plastic liners since 2002, though Polymer Industries has been manufacturing plastic for close to thirty years.  Our long successful history is driven by loyal customers who have come to expect the highest quality of service and products in the industry.  Global Plastics custom fabricates each plastic liner to your specifications.

American Made
Global Plastics manufactures dump truck liners from plastic resin material to the end product, a high-quality dump box liner, in America.  Our facility in Alabama manufactures the plastic UHMW sheets (used for UHMW liners or Heavy Duty Liners), while our facility in Wisconsin manufactures the dump truck liner.  Unlike some of our competitors, we are all American-made and American-employed supporting the incredible country we are privileged to live in.

Manufacturing Quality
Global Plastics leads the industry with the highest manufacturing standards and quality assurance procedures to produce plastic dump truck liners that provide the ultimate protection for your equipment.  Our manufacturing process is modeled after ISO9001:2000 quality procedures, to ensure our dump box liners are fabricated at a consistently high-grade level.  Based on your specifications and measurements, we provide custom-fabricated plastic liners for applications in Canada, United States and all over the world.  Our liners are easily installed by our customers, limiting the amount of equipment downtime exposure.  Our dump truck liners are designed to decrease wear on your equipment, while providing less friction and easy release for your loads of sand, gravel, rock, coal, asphalt and many other materials.

Customer Satisfaction
Global Plastics manufactures plastic liners for dump trucks, dump trailers and other applications.  Manufacturing durable liners is our core business – that is the only product we manufacture.  We will never rest from constant improvement and innovation, continuing to focus on manufacturing the best plastic liner in the industry every single day.  Our team of employees is committed to serving the customers in the utmost manner, treating everyone like family.

Dump Truck Liner Warranty
Three Year, Non-prorated Warranty to ensure years of trouble-free hauling.