Benefits of our DumpTruck Liners

Lightweight and Durable
Our industrial strength plastic bed liners are designed to eliminate sticking, reduce wear and tear on dumptrucks, garbage tucks, dump trailers, end dumps and roll off trailers.  Our dumptruck bed liners are designed to extend the life of your equipment and reduce the maintenance dollars spent on the refurbishing life cycle.   
Reduce build-up of left over material
Global Plastics dump box liners create a polished finish to reduce friction and stickiness of materials to the dump truck bed, essentially creating a slipperly liner.  Our liners are custom fabricated using high molecular weight (HMW liner), ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW liner) and heat-stabilized material to produce dumptruck liners that are much slicker than spray-on dumptruck liners.  Sticky, frozen or wet material leads to wasted man-hours, potential hydraulics damage and dangerous working conditions.   
Lower Costs
Quality testing and direct Customer feedback has reported that most materials slide out during the first raise of the hydraulics, thereby eliminating the second, third and fourth
raise that would normally subject your expensive equipment to more wear and tear, and subsequently increased maintenance and downtime.  Additionally, our plastic bed liners reduce the need for expensive and harmful release agents.  All of these factors lead to lower costs and hence, increased profits for your organization. 
New and Used Equipment
Our plastic dump box liners can be utilized for new or used dump trucks, dump trailers or other hauling equipment.   
Spray on Liners versus Custom Fabricated
Do not be fooled by the empty promises of spray on liners.  Our dumptruck liners are custom fabricated using high molecular weight (HMW liner), ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW liner) or heat-stabilized UHMW plastic to create the ultra durable liner.  Our liners are stronger and last longer than spray on liners.  Furthermore, our dump truck liner has much less friction (slippery liner) than spray-on liners, which will dramatically reduce material build-up and wear and tear on Dump Truck hoist hydraulics.