Hot Asphalt Dump Trailer Liner

The Hot Asphalt - Heat Stabilized Dump Trailer liner is designed to handle haulingHeavy Duty asphalt LinerHeavy Duty asphalt Liner of asphalt up to a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our Asphalt – Heat Stabilized dump trailer liner is our most durable liner, while also utilizing additives to provide for our best sliding surface to fight against material build up and additional hydraulic pressure used to extract material from your dump trailer bed (i.e. a slippery liner).  When compared to HMW dump trailer liners, UHMW dump trailer liners are 3-5X resistant to wear.  The Heavy-Duty Heat Stabilized dump trailer liner ranges from ¼” to 3/4” thickness, and can be manufactured in widths from 1’ to 16’ feet wide. 

Medium Duty Dump Trailer Liner
Heavy-Duty Liner
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Abrasion Chart for Dump Trailer LinersAbrasion Chart for Dump Trailer Liners