Dump Truck Liners

DumpTruck Liners Overview

 Dump Truck Liners
Global Plastics produces plastic liners for dump trucks, dump trailers, roll off trucks, garbage trucks, container trucks and many other commercial applications. Each dump truck liner is custom-fabricated to fit the exact measurements of your dump truck bed. Furthermore, we manufacture the widest plastic sheets in the industry resulting in a dump truck liner that contains fewer seams than our competition, thereby eliminating potential weak spots.

Global Plastics’ dump truck liners are designed for the most demanding of applications and materials exposed to your equipment. Hauling concrete, demolition, asphalt and many other materials are part of the everyday life cycle of a dump truck, and our dump truck liners are designed to extend the life of dump trucks and other commercial hauling equipment. From temperatures below freezing to the summer heat, our dump truck liner easily releases sticky materials, meaning faster load release, less equipment damage, reduced chance of tip-over, less wear on hydraulics, minimal clean-up and reduced downtime.

Global Plastics manufactures each dump truck liner beginning with raw plastic resin material to the end product, a custom-fabricated, plastic dump truck liner to your exact specifications.

Global Plastics manufactures three types of plastic dump truck liners, depending on your intended use:

Benefits of our Dump Truck Liners

Medium Duty Dump Truck Liner
Heavy-Duty Dump Truck Liner
Heavy Duty – Hot Asphalt Dump Truck Liner