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From start to finish Avalanche dumptruck liners are produced in house. We produce the sheet, butt-weld the plastic liner and complete the custom-fabrication, all in the same facility. No other plastic liner company has this kind of control over the quality of the finished product you as the customer receive. Please feel free to review our Dump Truck Liner Manufacturing Process

We custom fabricate dump truck liners to your exact specifications.  Depending on your hauling requirements, we will select the most durable and cost-effective materials to produce your plastic dump truck liner with.  In order to match your requirements properly, we would like the opportunity to speak with you.  Please call a us @ 877-522-2382 to discuss your specific liner needs.

All Avalanche dumptruck liners come with a full warranty for durability and protection, please contact us to have a sales associate understand your actual dumptruck liner requirements in order to provide specific warranty details.

Every Global Plastics dump truck liner is made in America. Our factory is in Henegar, AL where our plastic is produced. We distribute out of all our locations, including Alabama, Oxford, WI, Salt Lake City, UT and Canada, giving Global Plastics more direct distribution points than any other plastic dump truck liner company.

With several thicknesses and grades it is difficult to say what your individual plastic dumptruck bedliner will cost without speaking to you regarding your dumptruck bedliner requirements. Please use our Contact Us form, and we will gladly build a custom quote for your dumptruck bedliner requirements. Keep in mind that a plastic dumptruck bedliner does not cost money per se, it actually saves you money by protecting your investment and allowing you to haul more loads.

Yes, Global Plastics provides a Dump Truck Liner Installation Manual, and our contact information in order to call us anytime in case you have further questions during installation of your dump bed liner.

How much do our dump truck liners weigh?How much do our dump truck liners weigh?

Our dump truck box liners are manufactuered in three different product sets.

Steel wears 8x more than plastic. Pound for pound: Global Plastics Heavy Duty Asphalt Dump Truck box Liners outwears steel 16 to 1 Pound for pound: Global Plastics Heavy Duty Dump Truck box Liners outwears steel 12 to 1 Aluminum weighs 3x more than plastic Pound for pound: Global Plastics Heavy Duty Asphalt Dump Truck box Liners outwears aluminum 12 to 1 Pound for pound: Global Plastics Heavy Duty Dump Truck box Liners outwears aluminum 9 to 1

Our plastic liners can be fabricated and utilized for just about any application, including some of these we have completed in the past: • Off-road dump truck liners • Side dump trailer liners • Forage Wagon liners • Forage Box liners • Manure Spreader liners • Snow Plows plastic protection covers • Overhead bin liners • Gravity Box liners • Sand Spreader liners • Lime Tender liners • Hopper Liners • Sand Hopper liners • Roll-off Truck liners • Roll Off Truck liners • Container Truck liners • Airboat Hull Bottoms • Blacktop liners

Our dumptruck liners are custom fabricated using high molecular weight (HMW liner), ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW liner) or heat-stabilized UHMW plastic to create the ultra durable dumptruck liner. Our liners are slippier and stronger, and last longer than spray on liners. Furthermore, our dumptruck liners have much less friction than spray-on liners, which will dramatically reduce material build-up and wear and tear on Dumptruck hoist hydraulics.