Manufacturing Process

Dump Bed Liner Manufacturing Process

“Geared Towards Excellence”

Global Plastics has a unique differentiator from other dump bed liner manufacturers, inFinished ProductFinished Product that we control the entire manufacturing life cycle from resin material to the end product, a custom-fabricated dump bed liner. Due to our partnership with Polymer Industries, the polyolefin manufacturer, we can not only provide the highest quality plastic dump bed liners, but also provide them at a very cost-effective price.

We utilize the finest resins and additives in the manufacturing process, and our quality management system, modeled after ISO 9000:2001 ensures our customers of a consistent, high-quality plastic sheet. Depending on the application of your dump bed plastic liner and the types of materials you are hauling, we will utilize UHMW or HMW sheets to fabricate your plastic liner.

Butt weldingButt welding

Once the base plastic material has been determined, Global     Plastics custom fabricates your dump bed liners according to your  exact measurements and specifications. As a result of our unique ability to control every single step in the manufacturing process, Global Plastics is the only dump bed liner manufacturer that can stand behind and uphold the highest quality standards of your plastic dump bed liners.

Manufacturing Quality Standards.