Medium Duty Trailer Box Liners

Medium Duty Dump Trailer Box Liner

Our Medium Duty dump trailer box liner is manufactured from a high molecular weight (HMW liner) polyethylene extrusion.  This plastic box liner is designed for lighter hauling, and is subsequently priced more cost-effectively than our heavier duty dump trailer box liners.  The Mid-Grade dump trailer box liner ranges from ¼” to 3/4” thickness, and can be manufactured in widths from 1’ to 16’.  We recommend against hauling any asphalt with this grade of liner.

Medium Duty Dump Trailer LineMedium Duty Dump Trailer Line

Heavy-Duty Dump Trailer Box Liner
Heavy Duty – Hot Asphalt Dump Trailer Box Liner
Properties of HMW Sheet for Dump Trailer Box Liner fabrication