Medium Duty

Medium Duty Dump Truck Liner

Medium Duty DumpTruck Liners

Our Medium Duty dumptruck liner is manufactured from a highMedium Duty DumpTruck LinerMedium Duty DumpTruck Liner molecular weight (HMW) polyethylene extrusion. This plastic liner is designed for lighter hauling, and is subsequently priced more cost-effectively than our heavier duty dumptruck liners. The Mid-Grade dumptruck liner ranges from ¼” to 3/4” thickness, and can be manufactured in widths from 1’ to 16’. We recommend against hauling any asphalt with this grade of dumptruck liner.

Heavy-Duty Dump Truck Liner
Heavy Duty – Hot Asphalt Dump Truck Liner
Properties of HMW Sheet for Dump Truck Liner fabrication.