Plastic Sheet – Medium Duty Dump Truck Liner

HWM Liner Sheet – Gravel Liner / Dirt Liner

 Our Densetec HMW plastic sheet is the extruded material used for our Medium manufacturing plant

manufacturing plant

Duty Dump Truck Liner, when Polyslick UHMW (used to manufacture our Heavy Duty Dump Truck Liner) is not necessary. Densetec HMW has higher impact strength than High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is more abrasion resistant. The fact that Densetec HMW is more wear resistant than standard HDPE, and is more economical than standard UHMW makes it the ideal material for hauling lighter loads. When you are looking for a gravel liner or dirt liner for your hauling equipment, you are looking for our HMW liner, referred to as our medium duty dump truck liner. It may also be used in applications such as snowplow linings and fertilizer spreaders.
Polymer Densetec HMW Sheet used for Medium Duty Dump Truck Liner

• Higher impact strength than HDPE
• More abrasion resistant than HDPE
• More economical than UHMW
• Moisture resistant
• Wear resistant
Properties of HMW Plastic Sheets for Dump Truck Liners.